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Alaz Albay founded Alaz Albay Architecture Engineering Consultancy Inc. in 2014

He is the chairman of the board and has 28 years professional experience.

Specialties: architectural design, design management, tender management, construction management



2010 - 2014
HALK REIT mix use in IFC, in Istanbul, Turkey, DS, 400.000 m2 
DATACENTER ZENIUM, in Istanbul, Turkey, DS, 38.500 m2 
GOSB Gate House Design Competition
3M Production Plant, in Çorlu Tekirdağ, Turkey, DS+CM, 11.000 m2
STELTA Hybrid Building Production Plant, Kocaeli, Turkey, DS, 12.000 m2
PLASTIFAY II Production Plant, in Gebkim, Kocaeli, Turkey, DS+CM, 13.000 m2
GOSB Mosque, in Gebze, Kocaeli, Turkey, DS, 9.000 m2
IMES Administration Building Design Competition
IMES Mosque Design Competition
IMES Bank District Design Competition
DOSB Administration Building Design Competition 
DATACENTER ISTANBUL, in Istanbul, Turkey, DS, 33.000 m2
BABAS Thermal Village and SPA, in Mudurnu, Bolu, Turkey, DS, 90.000 m2
IFF Production Plant, in Gebze, Kocaeli, Turkey, DS+CM, 12.000 m2
SCATTOLINI Production Plant, in Acısu, Kocaeli, Turkey, DS+SP, 18.000 m2
ADEL FABER Production Plant, in Çayırova, Kocaeli, Turkey, DS+CM, 30.000 m2
HYUNDAI MOBİS Plant, in Adapazarı, Kocaeli, Turkey, DS+SP, 12.000 m2
HYUNDAI HYSCO Plant, in Adapazarı, Kocaeli, Turkey, DS+SP, 10.000 m2
SIEMENS (SLG-2) Production Plant, in Gebze, Kocaeli, Turkey, DS+SP, 60.000 m2 
KAFTAN TOWER Design Competition
PLASTIFAY I Chemical Production Plant, in Gebze, Kocaeli, Turkey, DS, 8.000 m2 
POLYPLEX Production Plant, in Çorlu, Tekirdağ, Turkey, DS+CM, 24.000 m2 
FRB Bread Plant and Cold Storage, İmes, Istanbul, Turkey, DS+CM, 17.000 m2
Anadolu Motor Plant, Çayırova, Kocaeli, Turkey, DS+CM, 26.000 m2
AL-KAFEEL Residence, Karbala, Iraq, DS, 45.000 m2
Selçuk Pharmaceutical Logistic, Gebze, Kocaeli, Turkey, DS+SP, 36.000 m2 
ZEYTINBURNU Shopping and Stadium Complex Project, 213.000 m²
SERIFALI Mix Use Development Conceptual Design, 1.000.000 m²
HEA Cultural Center Design Competition
Güneri Production Plant, in GOSB, Kocaeli, Turkey, DS, 13.000 m2
Keramik Production Plant, in GOSB, Kocaeli, Turkey, DS 10.000 m2  
BINGUL Summer House, in Şile, Istanbul, Turkey, DS+CM, 600 m2  
Selçuklu Holding Headquarter Design Competition
1998 - 2010
LANDMARKK Tower, Istanbul, Turkey, DS, 160.000 m2
Libyan Media Center Television Building, Tripoli, Libya, DS
Libyan Police Academy Project, Tripoli, Libya, DS
WILO Pumps, Production Plant and Warehouse, Orhanlı, Istanbul, DS
KOMSAN Residential Project, Istanbul
Zaqubar Hotel Complex, Baku, Azerbaijan, DS,
Health and Diagnostic Center, Gebze, Kocaeli, Turkey, DS + SP, 6.000 m2
AREVA ADH2 Plant, Gebze, Kocaeli , Turkey DS+SP, 24.000 m2
SIEMENS (SLG) Plant, Gebze, Kocaeli, Turkey DS+ CM, 36.000 m2
CHEMETALL Production Plant and Warehouse, Gebze, Kocaeli, Turkey, DS
KCC Automotive Paint Production Plant, Gebze, Kocaeli, Turkey, DS+SP
Dwellings and Office Complex Design, Arman Kala, Kazakhstan, DS
CANTAŞ Cooling Gas Plant, Gebze,  Kocaeli, Turkey, DS + CM, 11.000 m2
CLARIANT Production Plant, Gebze, Kocaeli, Turkey, DS+CM, 19.000 m2
ELUMATEC Production Plant and Warehouse, Bayrampaşa, Istanbul, Turkey
PUTZMEISTER Pump Production Plant, Çerkezköy, Tekirdağ, Turkey, DS+CM
POLYPLEX Polyester Chips Plant, Çorlu, Tekirdağ, Turkey, DS+CM
BİLİM İLAÇ Pharmaceutical Plant, Gebze, Kocaeli, Turkey, DS+CM
AVON Cosmetics Plant, Gebze, Kocaeli, Turkey DS+CM
ASYAFİN Thermal Resort, Kızılcahamam, Ankara, Turkey, DS+SP, 95.000 m2
HONDA Automotive Plant Expansion, Kocaeli, Turkey, DS+SP
1996 - 1998
Zeytin Area Villas, İzmir, Turkey, DS + SP
Private Villa, Yeniköy, Istanbul, Turkey, DS +SP
RAKS HQ Building, Kavacık, Istanbul, Turkey, DS 
GOKBORA Bonded Warehouse, Esenyurt, Istanbul, Turkey, DS+SP
ORKIDE Villas, Çekmeköy, Istanbul, Turkey, DS+SP
Beşiktaş Cultural Center, design studies, Istanbul, Turkey
Ontar Shirt Sewing Factory, Çerkezköy, Tekirdağ, Turkey, DS+SP
D&R Stores concept design, Etiler, Istanbul, Turkey, DS
D&R  Stores at Erenköy and Etiler, Istanbul, Turkey, DS +CM
ISOT Twin Resident Blocks and Trade Center, Astana, Kazakhstan, DS
1992 - 1994
Intermart Production Facilities, Çerkezköy, Tekirdağ, Turkey 
Eczacıbaşı Ceramic Tile Factory Expansion Project, Bozöyük, Bilecik, Turkey
Transplant Hospital, Bakırköy, Istanbul, Turkey
Post-earthquake Housing Project, Erzincan, Turkey
Ashgabat Airport Renovation Project, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
Kumluk Shopping Center, Bursa
Türk Petrol Holding Headquarters Building Decoration, 
Yeşil Plastic Recycling Facilities, İzmit, Kocaeli, Turkey 



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